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Rough Mix of Christine! - 07.11.13
Today we managed to record the solos for both "Had Enough" and "Poison I Crave", and so I decided to do a rough mix of Christine and upload parts of the song online. In this case I uploaded the final part from the freshly recorded solo, and until the song ends. I hope people like it!.

Hiatus - 27.10.13
To keep whoever reads this page up-to-date, here's what was posted on Facebook today:

After a very long hiatus, we're finally back recording again. We've re-recorded the vocals and they sound a lot better than the original take we did back in June, 2012 (Yeah it's actually been that long since we worked on the demo!). There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's still fairly weak.

What we didn't post on Facebook however is that the tracks recorded for this demo are named "Christine", "Poison I Crave", "Had Enough" and "Left Alone".

Recording has begun! - 26.10.11
Greetings fellow maniacs,

Just to let you know, the recording has begun. Even if the process is a slow one, it's still fairly steady and we're recording more or less every chance we have. We'll let you know when more is happening.

On a side note, we've added some pictures from our rehearsal place in the Gallery section. Check them out!

/Christoffer & Suicide Asylum

New stuff? - 07.09.11
Some may wonder when the new stuff is coming? Well I'd like to say it was here, but it's not.

However, it seems as if we'll start recording very soon. How long the recording process will take is hard to say, but we'll be doing it all ourselves with some newly bought equipment that needs some time getting used to. It's a huge improvement over how we recorded our last demo, and hopefully it will help us in some way when mixing everything in the end.

Stay tuned and I'll get back to you all when I have more information to share.
/Christoffer & Suicide Asylum

Logo on Car - 14.07.11
Thought I should share this with the world. The Suicide Asylum logo on the rear window of a friends car:

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